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Needs Analysis and Course Objectives:

We assess participants to attain student level according to
CEF (Central European Framework). This is done in written form and by interviewing participants. Then we will make a needs anaysis, which means we will discuss with you what tasks you need english for in the job and then together we will set your targets.

Course Planning and Design:

After that we will plan your course content focussing on your requirements as defined in the needs analysis. The course will be designed using the wide-range of training materials available to us and will be delivered using blended learning methods (face to face, e-learning if required, and multi-media).
Or we design a customized course together with you based on situations related directly to your job.

Feedback and Evaluation:

Feedback during the course is encouraged so we know we are going in the right direction and can decide if we need to adapt your course - maybe add new topics or explore other topics more deeply. Do you feel you are making progress?

Evaluation at the end of your course

Recommendations for future training